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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shots... Shots.. Shots...

Guess what? (drum roll please) I got 'the' call this week that the egg donor passed all her medical and genetic testing that they were waiting on! Wooooo Hoooooo! Let me explain about the egg donor process. Once an egg donor is matched to an IP (Intended Parent/s) they must go through a psych screening, genetic testing, medical testing which includes blood work and a lovely uterine check! Once she passes all that then a contract must be drawn up and signed by both parties, and once all that is done... she is ready to begin the process.
  So what happened with us a few weeks ago was, the doctor felt this donor was going to pass and suggested my IPs start getting their contracts going so if and when she passed they could begin the process with their surrogate immediately (me me me me). So they did all that and once the okay was given I received a call from the nurse at the IVF clinic. Timeline of this fast process was; Tuesday I got the call that the donor passed, Thursday morning I got the call from the nurse telling me the timeline for everything, Friday afternoon ALL medications, needles, syringes were delivered to me and LAST NIGHT I gave myself the first of the injections!! Crazy right! I can not believe how fast this has begun. And the most exciting news of all is they are hoping for a JANUARY 23rd transfer date!!! Transfer meaning... that is when they are hoping to implant the 5 day old embryo into my uterus!! Exciting for sure!
   So for the next few weeks I will be injecting Lupron into my stomach...ouch you say? Oh no this one is the easy one... wait till I tell you about the hip ones ;) The needle for these shots are tiny, as big as a diabetic needle which is very small. Easy Peasy....Anyway lupron is given to a surrogate to prevent a premature hormone surge which would cause release of eggs. I will be doing these nightly injections till January 4th when I take a blood test to see where my hormone levels are. If they are where they are supposed to be then I will start another hormone injection (I will save that fun shot for the next blog)
  Now, just because I have been given the go ahead to start taking all these hormones, etc it does not mean this is a for sure thing. January 9th they will be checking the donors progress with her egg stimulation and depending where she is with that, they will continue as planned or shorten or lengthen the process or even stop the process if she is not stimulating any eggs at all.
  We are all so excited to begin. Maria and Carlos are worried this is going interrupt or bother our Christmas.. Ehhh whats a shot in the tummy here and there ;) They are so sweet worrying about me.
  Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night (just kidding its only 10:00am)!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Suprise! I am still here.

I know, I know....I have not written anything in awhile. It is not for lack of time on my part but more for lack of what to say. Sadly we are all in limbo waiting. Waiting for a donor that will pass all of the tests necessary to become part of this trio (surrogate, IP's and donor).  I do not want to jinx my IP's, but I will say we are hopeful to start up very soon. And I promise you I will post away! I am extremely thankful my job keeps me busy and allows me to NOT hyper focus on the waiting. While I wait I share in the excitement with my fellow surrogates from the agency about their journeys. Yes we are a crazy bunch that get excited when it is time to do the shots part of the process. Wait, did I include myself in that statement?  Yes we  actually do get excited about the shots because that means it is the beginning of the journey! Hopefully I will have some good news to share with you soon! Keeping my fingers crossed that my IPs don't have to wait too much longer to start their dream.