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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ohhh Haaapppyyyy Daaayyyysssss

Good news....for me at least. I get to stop all the medications this weekend! (singing) Oh happy dayyyyysssss!!

Set up the first OB doctor appointment for April 5th. Neat little story about that. Like I said before I had to take multi steps just to make the first OB appointment. Yesterday I turned in all the paperwork and sat down with an intake girl to make that appointment. So I have 3 choices of places I can go for care. At first I try to set up the appointment at the last place I was seen for my surrogacy and I tried to get my same doctor as last time who I loved. But he was not available for many weeks. So I asked about the other locations and she said one of them is staffed with Midwives. Now if you really know me you know that is right up my alley. So I was excited to be seen and taken care of by midwifes. So the women pulls up the list of available midwives and up comes this name I recognize! This midwife/nurse practitioner used to be my Gynocologist and I absolutely loved her and was so sad when I heard she had left the main doctors office. So of course I made the appointment with her. So I envision the first appointment with her remembering me and me so excited to see her...... I'm delusional, because she probably won't have a clue as to who I am, but I can pretend right ;)

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