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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Orange and I

The Orange and I (see timeline above, that is how big the baby is now) are doing great. Feel like a whole new women with the morning sickness and tiredness slowly diminishing. Last week I went into an ultrasound place and had a nuchal screening done (IPs request), happy to say baby looks fine and the results came back that it is a...... baby!! haha got you! The IPs asked me not to find out the sex until they come out here in May and we can find out together. Of course the first thing the ultrasound tech says to me is "so I think at this point we can see what it you want to know"it took all that I had to say no! In May when Carlos and Maria visit (yay!) we will go to one of the comfy, intimate, ultrasound places (the one I used in San Diego was XDI Ultrasound and loved it) and have a full ultrasound done so they can see their baby in 3D/4D and finally be able to call it a him or her and possibly a name!

Had my first OB appointment a couple weeks ago. I ended up at the last minute being switched to a different Nurse Midwife and she was great.  So now I have two women there that I would love to be seen by. Its always interesting to see their reaction to my being a surrogate. She seemed very inquisitive, like this was still so new to her. Or maybe she was just curious as to my situation. Of course I love to talk about it to any willing and open minded ears!

 Here is a baby shot at 13 weeks! I love how he/she seems to be chilling out, one arm back behind its head!

So yes I finally have the baby fat belly going on ;) The stomach where the women looks plump in stomach, not quite pregnant.  Maria said she would love to see a picture of my belly and I had to warn her that at this point it is just my belly fat being pushed out rather than a belly full of baby! Had to throw in the disclaimer to her....didn't want to shock her!

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