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Monday, April 30, 2012

Feeling good!

Wow what a difference from a few weeks ago till now! This was my first pregnancy where I felt blah during the first trimester. I feel great now!
Latest cravings are fruit and spicy... wait I always like cross that out, that's just a constant desire ;)
Bought a couple things the other day that will STretCH.. so not quite maternity but not quite your average slim fitting outfit either (not that I wear slim fitting... a girl can always dream).
Still waiting to feel the little munchkin move so I can excitingly tell it's momma and papa, but no such luck yet.

Excitingly anticipating my Intended Parents arrival in late May. I think these visits are important for them as well as myself. They can see how I am doing and I get to see how excited they are for their upcoming arrival. Besides all that fun stuff it allows us to grow closer, which I cherish as part of this surrogacy journey.

                                                                  Four months!

Until next time.......

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