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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You will not believe this....

It has been far too long since I last blogged. 

As you know Maria and Carlos were here visiting and it was a wonderful visit. We spent many days together hanging out and enjoying each others company. I think the visit gave us a chance to really connect (at least I thought so). Carlos and my husband seem to have similar joking personalities which brings Maria and I closer as we share the same rolling of the eye looks!

Two weeks after Carlos and Maria went home they had the opportunity to share with immediate family and close friends their news. They chose not to tell their family and close friends until the pregnancy was further along. They shared with me they were apprehensive to share the news, as Surrogacy is not something the 'common' person does where they are from, more something a movie star does or they hear about in magazines or movies. I was worried their family and friends would doubt my motives for Carlos and Maria. Well....

I was anxiously waiting for the news of how it went... I was hoping that their family and friends would be so happy and excited for them. I received a text from Maria saying she had to talk to me because so many wonderful things had happened. Of course I was happy, because that had to mean it went well.

We finally were able to skype a few days after that text and this is what she said to me....

She was with both their families, and very close friends and announced through surrogacy they were having a baby boy! They were able to show pictures of my family and I and even showed the 3D/4D ultrasound we did while they were here. They said they were so surprised from the response... Happiness and awe from everybody. Of course they were curious about the process but they were sooo happy for Carlos and Maria. ( I have even received an email from Maria's sister thanking me). As we were skyping and they were telling me all this, they than said something else had happened..... 

A miracle!

The unthinkable, the 'your kidding', the most wonderful thing...... Maria is PREGNANT!!

Now I must back up and tell you a little about her situation without getting to much into her personal business. Maria had an illness that doctors advised against getting pregnant, she also had medications for that illness that would/could be harmful to a baby. Thankfully she is not dealing with that illness any longer but it had affected her body and put her hormone level at a very low level. She is also in her 40's which makes her egg quality low and much harder to conceive on her own. So you can see why pregnancy on their own was never a thought or even a possibility in their mind.

Well by some miracle they are! Carlos and Maria truly believe this would not of been possible if I had not been pregnant with their baby already. They said they really feel due to their dream becoming a reality, they were able to relax and this miracle has happened.

Maria has been to the doctor and specialist and her pregnancy is very strong and healthy and they will follow her carefully.

How far along is she you ask? Wellllll.... they are pretty much having twins ;)  She is only 10 weeks behind me and they are having another baby boy!!!

They are so happy for this miracle and were worried how I would take it... I am sooo very happy for them and happy to be a part of this miracle!

I'm not sure if I can top this news for next time but I promise to write a little more often ;)


Jeff and Kevin said...

That's crazy! Super good news, congrats to all :)

Jacquie and Donovan said...

Holy moly! I love it! Congrats to them! Truly amazing.