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Monday, September 10, 2012

Still waddling along!

Hi All
Yes I am still pregnant! 5 weeks to go! Wow is that it? I can not believe it is almost over ( sad face). Yes I truly am one of those crazy women who enjoys being pregnant. I can actually let my stomach muscles relax and let it all 'hang out' and you can't even tell ;)  And at this point the lil guy is like an alien creature moving around inside me, so it's pretty fun to guess what he is trying to move as it scrapes along my insides. Weird but totally cool and indiscribable!

I wish I could say this pregnancy has been a breeze, well it has for the most part except for my Kankles ( ankles and feet the size of small elephants) that pop up more often then not.  The good news is it makes me sit ( obviously not sit and update my blog though ;) which I hardly do. Since my phone seems to be in my hand more often then my computer, I have decided to blog from my phone ( which I am by the way!)

So little guys baby brother is doing great on the other side of the world, if you have no idea what I'm talking about read my last post. Names are picked and the travel plans for the mom and dad are all set. They will be here Oct 3 till early Nov. So now to make sure this little guy doesn't want to make an escape before then.

Picture to follow soon!

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Jackie said...

You look so good!!!!!!!