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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Were there three, two, or one???

I am VERY happy to say Carlos and Maria have ONE little precious baby growing inside me! We even got to see and hear the heartbeat. Amazing what technology allows these days. It is the size of a small seed and we have the technology to zero in on it's heart, hear its heartbeat, measure the baby and see it...Sesame Seed people..... Amazing!

Yes, there could of been three babies by the way. Since two embryos were implanted one of them could of split to make identical twins. If that is the case both the embryos could of split so I actually could carry quadruplets... but lets not get crazy!

Carlos and Maria are over the moon with happiness. As I said before they only wanted to put in one embryo to have one child, but they went with the Dr.'s recommendation. So the possibility of twins was very scary, among other things for them.

I am still taking the medications to trick my body into feeling/being pregnant. Another few weeks and my body will take over on its own. So until then we wait, watch the baby grow, and hope he/she sticks around!

Signing off.....babysitter of one ;)

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