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Monday, February 6, 2012

So is the baby/s staying for chocolate??

Can embryos hear in utero.......I think this one or two did......He/she is staying for chocolate!!   
                                                             We are pregnant!!! 

My HCG level was 300. Anything over 50 is good.  We are told 300 is a very good strong number. Strong like twins or strong like your one embryo is a rockstar we are not sure!?

I was able to ask the IVF nurse if she could let me tell the parents so I could surprise them.  All this week I was hinting at Carlos and Maria to try to be on skype during their nighttime today so we could find out 'together'.... I couldn't resist surprising them. So I logged onto skype from work and waited for Maria to get on. I was getting worried because I did not see her for awhile. 15 minutes after I got the call she was there!! So I made a paper saying in large letters 'Congratuations Mamma y Pappa!'  As soon as I video called her I held it up so that was the first thing she would see... And she was so cute saying "wait, what" what does that say... is it true?" Like she knew what she was reading but couldn't believe it. She was so happy!! How can I not love being a surrogate? I just got to tell a couple their dream for a child is now a reality! 

The next step is I go in for more blood work in a week and test to see if my HCG levels have doubled. We want them to double, it means the pregnancy is going exactly how it should. If that goes well the all telling ultrasound follows.

Thank goodness it is Girl Scout Cookie time.... this baby wants some chocolate!  MMMmmmmm Samoas!!  (Maria and Carlos.. I will have to send you some) An American staple!

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RhondaMarie said...

So happy for all of you!!! I had tears of joy for you and the new parents to be!!! I know this feeling all to well!!
Another wonderful journey! Wishing you all the best! Are they hoping for twins ? :))