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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 6 Post Transfer

Six more long long days till the official blood test to see if we are pregnant!! The wait is so hard. The first few days after the transfer I felt some achyness down south (aka cramps ;)  Which I am told is a good sign after a transfer. It means things are 'happening' and the embryos are hopefully burrowing into my uterine lining.
I speak to Carlos and Maria almost every day. They are trying to stay busy so they don't dwell on the wait. They are so sweet, and caring. I can only imagine what is going through their minds.....

I wasn't sure I wanted to add this but thinking about it for awhile I have decided to: My birthday was the day before the transfer and a day before that I received a birthday package in the mail from Carlos and Maria. This is not something they had to do, nor is it ever expected by me. It was very sweet and touching, a sign of caring, sweet and loving people.  I wanted to share this with you, so you get a little glimpse of who they are.

I promise to return in a few day with the results.......

PS. I have now promised the baby/s if they stay, chocolate! Who can pass THAT up!?!?

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