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Friday, September 30, 2011

So we wait....

So now that I know who I am matched with, the waiting game begins. This part feels like a snails pace, waiting for legal contracts to be drawn up and signed, psychologist appt.,waiting, health screening, more waiting... and that is where I am now.. Waiting ;)

Some interesting or funny parts of this process so far;
     I get the legal contract and take a good look at it. Pretty much it tells me 10 different ways how this is not my baby nor will it ever be. Its amazing they (legal people) don't think I grasped that after the first time or the second... I should add here, that this is a standard legal contract that is used often and is not made up case per case.  So I am glad they are not suggesting I am dense and needed to read it 10 different ways to make sure it is understood! Got it....not my child.
  The legal contract states I will refrain from dying my hair in the first trimester....WHAT?? Did they not see my age on the contract and realize dying my hair has gone past 'just for decoration' but is now a necessity due to gray hair!!!
   Also manicures and pedicures must be done with a mask on during the pregnancy. So I'm envisioning my fellow mani/pedi goers staring at me because they are wondering what contagious disease I have, and how they can get the chair furthest from me! Good times....
   Even though I joke about all this, I know there are reasons for these things and because I don't want to in any way harm someone else's baby I will comply...gray hair and all
  How it all works is; once you are matched you need to do a psychological screening, you are sent the legal contract to review and then a medical screening appt is made to check for drug use,std's, diseases and they also check your uterus.
    So here I am now, that part is all done. I am waiting to be told by the IVF doctor we are ready to go. He needs to make sure that my cycle will be in sync with the egg retrieval date. (maybe TMI for some, be warned it might get worse). So even though I am so excited to begin I am dreading those shots. But I have to say my excitement is winning!
  So until we begin the IP's and myself talk via skype and email and get to know each other more. Come to find out my highly recommended movie 'Bridesmaids' was a hit with Maria... not so much with Carlos though (can't imagine why not ;)


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