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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting Closer to the Big Day!

We are only 9 to 10 days away from the big Transfer day! EEEeeee....gulp  At this point it still seems unreal that in just a few days I will be pregnant (so we all hope). Went to the IVF clinic yesterday and the doc found my uterus lining to be A~mazing. Just kidding. He said it was exactly how it should be at this point into the cycle. So I am to continue the injections till Monday when they will be checking the donors egg production. Depending on what they see, they will start me on the last medication and I will begin the countdown to becoming 'the babysitter'! Can't wait!

Today I was able to go with a friend, who is also a surrogate to her transfer appointment. It was such a wonderful, exciting experience to witness this miracle happening right in front of me. And to top it off her IP's were able to witness all of it via skype (told you skype is a wonderful tool)!

Carlos and Maria email every few days to see how I am and how the shots are going. I actually got a note saying they are getting 'a little more excited'....Woohooo

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