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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sticky Thoughts

So it's done, I am officially babysitting! I went in for the transfer yesterday late afternoon. A couple hours before I arrived at the clinic I got an email from Carlos saying he spoke with the doctor and all was set to put in one embryo. The doctor said there was one excellent quality embryo and two ok/good quality ones.
So we get to the doctors office early and wait. While we wait my friend gave me some fun socks to wear during the procedure. They were knee high striped super hero socks!! She knew I would love these because of my blog tittle. So for awhile we came up with fun snappy sayings for my socks. The best one was; Super Sticky Sexy Surrogate Socks!
So it's time for the transfer and they take us back into the room. Oh I forgot to mention the Valium I had to take 45 min before the procedure. So as I got into the room I was still waiting for it to kick in. I was supposed to lay there for 30 min to relax.. I lay there trying to get Carlos and Maria on skype via an I Touch. Of course the Internet was not working in the procedure room so I sent my friend to ask for the 'secret' code. I told her to do what she had to to get it ;) Darnit I wanted Carlos and Maria there with whatever it took! Yes she got the code, and yes she said she had to be sugary sweet to get it. As I am trying to get my internet up who knocks on my door? Cora, one of the owners of the surrogacy agency! She had mentioned that she wanted to be there with me but that the time for the procedure was really late and she had another appointment. But she was planning on coming the whole time... sneaky girl! So I had a very good friend with me and was perfect and yes I ended up getting Carlos and Maria on skype so they were there too ;) It was wonderful.
Let me back up a a bit. When I finally got Carlos and Maria on skype the doctor walked in and asked if he could possibly speak with them since I had them on the phone. What he ended up telling them was that at this time (he had just come from looking at the embryos) he felt it was a better decision to put two embryos in. The reason he decided this was because, even though they still had one excellent embryo the other two he spoke to them earlier about worried him. He said he did not feel they would survive through a freezing if they were not used today. He suggested two be put in so the chances of pregnancy were higher the first time. He also said the two embryos in there would help each other survive or at least help the stronger one survive. Survival of the fittest it sounds like. So this was decided minutes before the procedure which was ok for me but I knew Carlos and Maria were worried about that decision. But they decided from the start that whatever the doctor recommended is what they would do. So TWO it is! 
The whole procedure lasted about 10 minutes and with no pain! After it was over I lay with my head lower than my uterus for about 30 minutes and then I was done! Could this be any easier? I don't think so.  So now here I am laying on the couch for the remainder of the day taking it easy and hoping these little babies will settle in for the next 9 months! I even promised the babies that i would provide entertainment and yummy food if they stay ;)

Oh,  note to self...Valium and trying to put an intelligent sentence together is not so easy! Better stick to grunting or uh huh's next time!!

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